About me



I’m Amy, a 33 year old horse lover, owner & photographer!

I have been a Horse Photographer for around 13 years now & being a horse owner myself, I know you can never have too many photos of your beloved four legged friend. 


I have grown up around horses since I was a child and have spent many years marvelling at the incredible bond that can be found between horse & rider. 

Indy Equine Photography has been set up in memory of my sisters horse 'Indy' who really was her best friend.


The bond that they shared gave me the opportunity to take some incredible photo's and develop a keen eye for capturing that trust, emotion and love that so many owners share with their equines.


Sadly, Indy left us in December 2011 but he has given me the inspiration to persue my dream of photographing these truly wonderful creatures.

My Work

I aim to create images of you and your beloved horse for you to treasure and look back over for many years to come.

Wether you're looking for a simple portrait or just some photographs taken while you spend quality time with your horse, I would love to work with you.

Feel free to look through my Horse & Rider Portraits & my Black Background sessions for samples of my work.


Book a Private Portrait session

To book a shoot - all you need to do is decide which Package you'd like & get in touch via the

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