Equine Digital Photography Workshops

When I first started out, I always got so frustrated when I saw other Equine Photographers post photos of horses that were correctly exposed & composed but most of all - not blurry! To make things even harder, I was too afraid to ask for help in the fear of annoying people or just being rejected…


So I decided to create Equine Photography workshops to help photographers like you. A workshop that I would have loved to go on myself when I was first starting out. 


In 2016, I visited Portugal on a 5 day Equine Photography workshop & I ended up teaching the teacher & other students a thing or two! This gave gave me the confidence to believe I was in fact good enough to help others.  


When I returned home, I wanted to create my own photography workshops to help other budding Equine Photographers that didn't have the budget to attend such a workshop and also to tailor make it to suit the needs of UK Equine Photographers. 


There are plenty of Photography workshops out there but not many are tailored to Equine Photography & have the specific content & subjects needed to help you fully understand and put in to practice, how best to take the perfect shot. 


For example - Have you ever wandered how Event Photographers always get that perfect Dressage or Show jumping shot where the horses legs are in the correct position every time?
Have you ever struggled with what settings to use in different lighting conditions?
Or maybe you’ve always wanted to do a Black Background shot but have no idea how to set one up?

Well you’re in luck!

On my Equine Digital Photography workshops - you will learn all these skills plus you will get the opportunity to photograph some stunning horses with their riders with live demonstrations. 


You are not alone anymore…

In the world of Equine Photography - it can be a lonely place so my workshops give you the opportunity to meet other like minded people & discuss your pains & gains & also to bounce ideas off each other from past experiences. 


If you would like details of my 2019 Equine Digital Photography workshops, please get in touch via the
Contact Us page & I will send you more details.